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About The Academy 

Samantha Brown is the CEO of Samantha Brown Brow Academy & Cosmetic Treatment.She has been in the beauty industry since she was 16 and advanced into more cosmetic treatment around 7 years ago.It is not only her passion but her business is her baby, so it has only came naturally that she turned it into an academy in 2020 to show case how you can turn your passion into a succesful business.

Our Training courses vary from beginners courses to advanced cosmetic procedures.

.We have put a great deal of research and effort into finding the most effective ways of teaching so our student will feel confident leaving our course with all the knowledge they will need to flurrish in there choosen carea. 

We also offer a range of online training courses. and in house training courses.

We are also partnered with insync insurance for the best premium insurance prices if you need cover.

We can offer you a range of CPD ( Continuous Professional Development ) and NVQ - Vtct Qualifications. This is depend on the type of course and Qualification you need. If you would like to know the difference click here.

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Advanced Aesthetic Practictionor 
Samantha Brown
Owner/Head Tutor 
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Contact Us

Samantha Burkett Training Centre 
1st Floor,95 Orpington High Street 
WhatsApp Us at 0203 916 8051


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