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Samantha Brown is the CEO of Samantha Brown Brow Academy & Cosmetic Treatment.She has been in the beauty industry since she was 16 and advanced into more cosmetic treatment around 7 years ago.It is not only her passion but her business is her baby, so it has only came naturally that she turned it into an academy in 2020 to show case how you can turn your passion into a succesful business.

Our Training courses mainly forcus on Semi permanent Makeup & eyebrow enchancment.We have put a great deal of research and effort into finding the most effective ways of teaching so our student will feel confident leaving our course with all the knowledge they will need to flurrish in there choosen carea. 

All Student are provided with a full kit following there course,this will set them up to start booking in clients and make profit straight after training.

All kits are off the high quality products which are EU registered 

We are accredited by two amazing Professonal Organaizations, the CDP Group and Beauty Industry Approval. What this means is that our courses are approved to the highest standard of Education. This also means that we have a large list of insurance for you to ge insured once you course is complete..



Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown is a highly qualified Semi permanent makeup Artist.She has treated well over a thousand clients in the past 7 years in the industry & has extentive training in  eyebrows & Asethetics Treatments.Setting up an academy is something she dreamed off,and she wants to show all her students that when you apply to right training & set of skills anything is possible.


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Samantha Brown Brow Academy & Cosmetic Treatments
1st Floor,95 Orpington High Street 

Email: spmucompany@gmail.com

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