VTCT Qualifications

To find out the difference between Vtct Nvq Qualification and CPD courses click here.

Recently all london borough have made the decision that you need an NVQ in Microblading or Semi permanent makeup. An NVQ is the highest recognised Qualification you can get in cosmetic tattooing. To work doing SPMU you need a special treatment license due to the nature of the treatment. It is a legal requirement and you can get hefty fines if you practise without one.


To get the special Treatment license different council will ask for different Qualifications. An NVQ Level 4,which is the equivalent to the first year of a Bachelor's Degree programm, is what is required to work in a london borough where as other council may only ask for a CPD accredited course. .Please check before you book your course.


We do offer both these courses,


NVQ Vtct Level 4 -

The Microblading course is a good place to start it is a 3 day in house course, followed by a online multiple choice exam on A+P and then a day assessesment day which you will come and demonstrate your skills you have learnt.You will also be asked to complete 10 case studies at home.


Course price £2500


Level 4 Vtct -

The micropigmentation course is longer its 5 days worth of training in house, there isn’t an exam with this course 

You will be required to complete case studies in both written and practical assignments at home and

then you will be scheduled to bring your models in for an assessment day at our training centre once

you have completed and perfected your treatments in lip, eyelid, eyelash & brows as home study. If

for any reason you return to the training centre and your assessor does not yet find you competent

further visits will be arranged for additional training to ensure you reach the standards and feel

totally confident in what you are doing. For most learners the course duration usually takes about 6

months depending on completion of case studies & learner’s confidence


It is very important to make sure you have the right qualifications and the Semi-Permanent Makeup (VTCT L4 Micropigmentation) is a recognised qualification, both in the UK and Worldwide and is seen as the highest standard you can reach with certification & in time we believe this will be mandatory for both licensing and insurance to hold a nationally recognised Level 4 qualification before you are able to practice micropigmentation of any kind.


Course price £4999 


Our course are really small, we only teach 2/3 students at a time.You have 24/7 support and guidance thoughtout your career and £200 off a masterclass or additional course with us to use within a year of training.