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Online Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolvent Conversion Training

CPD Accredited - Your insurance is YOUR responsibility to get cover 

This innovative product is made from safe and natural ingredients. 


Great care was taken by six dermatologists to combine the finest ingredients.


All ingredients work together for a better effect.


does not contain ppc, hormones or sodium deoxycholate.


No pain, no burning, no swelling and no side effects.


Induces activation of fat metabolism.


Carbohydrates and fats are converted into energy.


Reduction of oedema due to increase blood flow.


Pineapple extract for lipolysis effect and to reduce inflammation.


Changing the storage form of fat whilst inducing it to energy,  it reduces the number and size of fat cells to maximize fat reduction.


It decreases adipocytes and produces collagen to increase skin elasticity


It facilitates the circulation of the lymphatic fluid and can rapidly release the degraded fat cells, which is effective in reducing oedema and eliminate cellulite.



Areas Covered : Anywhere above the knee with 2cm of fatty tissue 


Course Content 

•Health and Safety




•What is Lemon Bottle  ? 




•Pre-care advice,consultation & post-care


•Sharps, disposal, and injury




•Treatment prep


• Areas and dosages


•Injection techniques




Pre Request : Available to students who have  completed there Traditional fat dissolvent training

Anyone can take these courses; however, you may not gain insurance if you do not hold the prerequisites that we advise that you should hold. If in doubt, please contact your insurance.


Whats app us on 0203 916 8052 

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