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The lemon bottle fat dissolvent product has taken the industry by storm. It is the newest product to hit the market with it innative dissolving properties and quick healing time,and many more reason it has become so popular. 


Due to it unique protocol insurance are looking for everyone to understake a new training course,instead of being able to swap over form your exisiting product.


We have worked so closely with the lemon bottle creator Sid Medicos to create high qualitiy training courses. 


Model for practical assessment

This course requires you to be models for each other to complete the practical element of training. Please let me know if you are not medically fit to be a model. If so you would be required to source a model to attend . If you can be a model on the day it is for the chin area and is free for all students. If you require to arrange your own model. This is chargeable at £80 per area. Please ensure you email prior to attending confirming if you are happy to be a model or will be arranging your own, please also confirm that your pre requirements have been completed. Failure to do so will result in a loss of booking fee and course cost if not completed on the day of the course. 


You cannot have LEMON BOTTLE if:

- You are pregnant.

- You are breastfeeding.

- You are allergic to the product or any of it's excipients

- You are under 18 years of age.

- You have Lipodystrophy

- You have Lipoedema

- You have any liver disease

- You have any kidney disease

- You are diabetic

- You have any thyroid conditions

- You have any active infection of the proposed treatment area

- You have any skin condition of the proposed treatment area, such as eczema or psoriasis

- You have any scar tissue in the proposed treatment area

- Lemon Bottle is not designed for excessive weight loss, and is typically not suitable for those with a BMI of above 40. This will be discussed further on an individual basis.

- You have any acute, active infection(s) or illness.


This is due to the running costs and products purchased upon each booking. 

If you would like to finance please follow these steps..




Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolvent Course

  • All course bookings get a 14 day cooling off period. Course cancellations within 14-30 days will receive 50% of the booking fee. 

    Courses can be rescheduled once with 30 days notice. 

    Course cancellations outside of the 14-30 days will forfeit 100% of the booking fee. 

    This is due to the running costs and products purchased upon each booking. 


  • Finance application

    Please click the link below and follow these steps to apply for finance based on affordability, up to three years.

    1. Go to

    2. Under training you will need to select Training with Kimberley Grace and pick the course you have purchased. (or want to finance in full) 

    3. Add this to your cart

    4. Check out and start your finance application, you will be asked to provide bank statements of earnings so they can do your checks based on affordability. Please make sure you agree to all the terms and conditions.

    5. Wait for your finance application to be approved.

    It Is your responsibility to contact us once your finance is approved. We are not notified and will hold no responsibility if you are unable to attend a course date. So we can offer you availability please email
    as soon as your finance application has been processed.  

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